The Vegetable Series #1: Tomato

The Vegetable Series #1: Tomato


Wednesday 27th September


Neighborhood Studio

574 Atlantic Avenue, 2nd Floor



Welcome to Neighborhood Studio's vegetable-forward supper club, The Vegetable Series. Each month, we invite you to join us at the table to celebrate one seasonal hero vegetable. In our kitchen, vegetables are the centerpiece of our cooking, and we hope that this vegetable series will encourage our diners to think more creatively about both well-loved and lesser-known vegetables. These dinners will be an unique opportunity to really to experience the unique character, flavor, texture and beauty of our star vegetable.

Our first hero vegetable is Tomato. Technically a fruit, we know. But for our sake, we will treat it as a vegetable. Delicate, yet bold, tomatoes are a summer staple. Join us as we embark on a tomato-ey adventure and discover more sides to this sexy nightshade. 

Ticket price includes food and a sommelier cocktail and wine service. Ticket are are non-refundable. 

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