A Winter Harvest Dinner

A Winter Harvest Dinner


Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Lighten and brighten up your cold-season dining at our Winter Harvest Dinner, celebrating the humble everyday vegetables that nourish and nurture us during our long, cold New York winters. Discover the hearty yet healthful possibilities of our local Winter harvest, as we transform humble everyday produce like potatoes, mushrooms, squash, roots and pears into dazzling dishes. Our special four-course dinner will show how you can enjoy fresh vegetables, year round.

Our sample Four Course Winter Harvest menu*:

root vegetable broth with dumplings

crispy sweet potato with sumac chickpeas

breaded maitake mushrooms with whipped potatoes and roasted shallots

flourless hazelnut chocolate cake with pears

includes drinks

* menu subject to change based upon produce availability

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