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NORTH/SOUTH Lunar New Year Feast

NORTH/SOUTH (and all that is between) are the two opposites that bring fellow cooks and writers Maggie Zhu and Hetty McKinnon together for this very special Lunar New Year Feast.

With NORTHern Chinese roots, Maggie, born and raised in Beijing, is now an Austin-based blogger, writer, recipe developer, and photographer where she writes her popular blog Omnivore’s Cookbook, a compelling collection of modern Chinese recipes. Maggie will be joined in the kitchen by Neighborhood Studio co-owner Hetty McKinnon, a first generation Australian with SOUTHern Chinese heritage, who has recently published a multicultural food magazine Peddler, with the first issue focusing upon Asian food and stories. Together, Maggie and Hetty will be cooking up an indulgent feast of Chinese classics from the NORTH and the SOUTH, to celebrate the Year of the Dog. The event will also include a dumpling wrapping instruction. 

100% vegetarian.  

Our NORTH/SOUTH Lunar New Year Feast* will feature:

Sichuan peanuts
Wonton in red oil
Noodles with Northern-style gravy
Turnip cakes
Fried lotus root
Shiitake and water chestnut dumplings
Chive and tofu dumplings
Sago pudding

$120.00 per person

All attendees will receive a gift bag of authentic premium Sichuan ingredients from The Mala Market


*The menu is subject to slight amendments based upon produce availability.